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To solve any existing problem and to ensure growth thereafter, it is extremely important to figure out the root cause for the existance of that problem. Most of the time, it is almost impossible for people in the system to figure that out and it takes a practised and experienced eye to find that cause. Once that is done, a solution can be found and implemented resulting in growth.

3 is the number of completion.
Time is divided in three: past, present and future.
The body, mind and soul are 3.
3 denotes divine perfection.
The Tao Te Ching; The Essential Kabbalah; The Bhagavad-Gita; and The Tibetan Book of the Dead all serve to provide unusual insights into how the concept of a 3-fold nature of reality, and our role in it, is seen and understood.

With our experience- in human behaviour, in operations, and in therapy – we help business
owners and their teams navigate the professional environment and then influence stakeholders with confidence.

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Col Sudip Mukerjee

Behavior Analyst

A Masters in Psychology and certifications as a Corporate and an NLP Trainer, Sudip brings understanding of organizational behaviour and operational efficiency from his experience in the Indian Army and the United Nations. He has successfully trained individuals and helped them excel and become effective leaders and consulted with organisations all over the world to increase productivity.

Poonam Jalan

Psycho Analyst

Trained by Monash University Australia, Poonam is a psychotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner. She utilises her skill in understanding human behaviour in helping individuals excel in the business domain by addressing unresourceful patterns of behaviour as also address anxiety, depression, interpersonal issues and psychosomatic diseases and improve communication and efficiency.