Leadership Excellence

Objectives to be met

To create a shift in mindset and how the leaders lead their respective departments.

To open them up to think strategically instead of operationally and tactically.

To help them delegate responsibility and create a robust middle management so as to be freed up for strategic planning and execution instead of micromanaging.

One of the key responsibilities of a leader is to create more leaders and therefore identification, coaching and mentoring of high performers has to be carried out by leaders

Leaders should be able to motivate their command to perform when the chips are down. As also to manage conflict ad resolve conflicting ideas

Value to the Organisation

Faster Decision Making
Improved revenue Improved market share
Better management of time
Lesser conflicts Smooth succession planning


Group Training

Individual Coaching

Topics covered

Engagement Approach

Evaluation & Analysis

Understanding the team, team expectations and team capabilities and shortfalls.


Depending on need, requisite training program or a coaching session (or both) would be scheduled

Follow Up

As decided together with Stakeholder, a follow up contact program will be conducted to ascertain effectiveness and ensure skill upgradation