Organisational Development

Objectives to be met

To get each and every member of the organization to be aligned to the ‘company culture.’ This would entail creating a strategic narrative that would then be disseminated amongst the personnel.

To ensure that members of the Team display effective communication skills and are better influencers to stakeholders using the ‘BARC’ acronym of Brevity, Accuracy, Clarity and Relevance. This would reduce frivolous communication and set free more time for achievement of results. This would also lead to better verbal, textual and email etiquette.

To ascertain the status of motivation and alignment with work ethics of the organisation and work with personnel individually or with teams to help them get aligned and focussed.

An organization will work like a well oiledmachine once there is connectivity between the parts. Thus each department would fit into the organizational structure as service providers to other departments and work in sync to resonate with the same frequency.

Value to the Organisation


Group Training

Individual Coaching

Topics covered

Engagement Approach

Evaluation & Analysis

Understanding the team, team expectations and team capabilities and shortfalls.


Depending on need, requisite training program or a coaching session (or both) would be scheduled

Follow Up

As decided together with Stakeholder, a follow up contact program will be conducted to ascertain effectiveness and ensure skill upgradation